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The Best Smart Tech Gadgets to Upgrade Your San Diego Home

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There is no doubt about it- we live in a digital age. These days it would be more uncommon to see someone without a smartphone in their hand than with one. Things that once seemed futuristic are now commonplace. So it should come as no surprise that our embracing of tech innovations has now entered the home zone.

While the idea of smart homes used to belong squarely in the realm of futuristic science fiction, today, 7 in 10 homeowners have at least one smart tech gadget in their home. Smart tech gadgets not only provide a customizable way to improve the comfort, convenience, and luxury of your home, but they can also boost your home’s value for prospective home buyers down the line.

So which gadgets should you be looking into? Let’s take a look at the best smart tech gadgets to upgrade your San Diego home.

Smart Energy Monitor

Here in San Diego, we are all about sustainability and environmentally friendly initiatives. So why should your home be an exception? Certain smart home gadgets can boost your home’s eco-friendliness and reduce your carbon footprint, while also lowering your monthly energy bills.

Smart energy monitors are a great place to start. Your typical energy monitor provides a blanket description of your energy usage without allowing you to delve into the specifics. With a smart energy monitor, you can analyze your energy usage in live time, developing a more sophisticated sense of which devices and plugs are using the most power- and allowing you to edit and adjust your home’s overall energy usage as you go.

Smart Thermostat

For those hot summer nights in San Diego, air conditioning may be your best friend. But it can also eat up tons of energy, causing your energy bills to skyrocket during the summer. With a smart thermostat, you can program your thermostat to automatically detect whether or not someone is in the room, and to cool down on the cooling down if no one is around. That means you will never get stuck having accidentally left the A/C on full blast while you are out hitting the waves.

Smart thermostats also feature remote programming capabilities, so you can access your home’s temperature system while you are out and about. That way you can set your temp to the perfect amount of cool just in time for you to walk in the front door- without wasting loads of home energy keeping your home cool the entire day.

Smart Security Devices

There is nothing more important than keeping your home safe and secure, and smart technology can be extremely helpful in this department. You have probably come across smart doorbells before- but what about smart locks? With a smart doorbell, you gain video access to your front porch, so anyone who might otherwise play “ding dong ditch” (or who might scope out your home to make sure no one is home, targeting your house for a potential break-in) will quickly be discouraged. You will be notified of anyone who crosses your front porch, so you can keep an eye on things even while you are out of town.

A smart lock, meanwhile, allows you to pre-program access to your home, so your elderly relatives, neighbors, or close friends can enter as long as they have a pre-approved smartphone with them. As with most smart home devices, the smart lock’s smart features sync up via Bluetooth, which means they rely on a fast, stable internet connection to function correctly. You don’t want to get stuck locked outside if your internet drops, but luckily most smart locks also offer an old-fashioned key in hand point of entry, as well as a personalized pin on a battery-powered keypad. So for families with children and teenagers, in particular, a smart lock can be a great addition to your home security system.

Smart Kitchen

A smart fridge can be an invaluable addition to the kitchen for any budding chef or busy parent. A good smart fridge features an interactive screen that allows you to follow along with your favorite cooking shows, bookmark your favorite recipes online, and compile shopping lists that you can automatically send to your smartphone, direct from your fridge. That way you can avoid the all too common event of getting home from the supermarket only to realize you forgot that one key ingredient essential for that night’s recipe.

If you don’t want to invest in an entire smart fridge reboot, you can also try smaller smart gadgets, like fridge magnets that tell you when you need to restock certain staple items in your pantry, or when those sauces you opened ages ago (and forgot about in the back of the fridge) are about to expire. So you never have to deal with an unpleasant jar full of mold again.

Smart Entertainment

The ultimate luxurious upgrade, a smart home entertainment system still doesn’t have to break the bank. You can shop around for just one new gadget or kit out your home with a full-blown top-quality home cinema. A smart TV is a great way to make sure you never miss your favorite shows and movies, and can be pre-programmed to keep up with your ever-changing preferences.

Throw in a top-tier surround sound speaker system and your home movie viewing experience will be completely transformed. Plus, with a smart speaker equipped with voice recognition tech, you can simply say out loud: play Abba’s “Dancing Queen”, and suddenly you have your own home disco party in full swing.

Smart Home Upgrades For You

Whether you are looking for a full smart home makeover or just a few new gadgets to enliven your home life, there is a smart tech home gadget out there to suit your needs. Shop around, try out a few, and you will quickly come to appreciate how smart tech can instantaneously upgrade your home.

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