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AJ Hewitson

Julie and David were exceptional throughout our entire transaction of selling our home. They brought their own buyer to the table which made it much easier since they were handling both sides of the sale of our home. We were able to get the price we wanted, got a commitment from the buyers in 9 days and were under contract in 15 days. My wife and I felt it was so easy… almost too easy if you could believe it. We kept waiting for a phone call from them with bad news but it was nothing short of great news…. Buyers aren’t contingent… They’ve got approved funds…. We’re in escrow…. Just need some basic repairs (about $1,300 worth… no biggie)….. Buyers won’t need a walk thru of the home…. We’re handing the keys to the buyers today…. Are you kidding me?? Really??? Anyway, you’ll really appreciate the vip treatment you get from Julie and David in addition to them letting us use their box truck a number of times to help assist and supplement the move. They are an excellent team!!!

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