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7 Common Mistakes Made by First-Time Home Buyers

Buying your first home can be an exciting time. But it can also bring a lot of stress to the table because it is the single largest purchase that most of us will make in our lives. Because of that fact, it is important to avoid the pitfalls tha...

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Advice for Seniors to Ease the Stress of Downsizing

If you’re a senior, chances are you’ve thought about the prospect of downsizing. Maybe you want to be closer to family or less square footage to maintain. Maybe you have medical issues and moving will help you address them. Or, maybe you ju...

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Buying a Home Sight Unseen

Buying a home sight unseen is becoming more common, particularly because of the pandemic. While most buyers would like to travel to see a home in person, it isn’t always possible. Some buyers may not even see the home until after they’ve cl...

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