Logan Heights

Steve and Victoria Gore Welcome You to Logan Heights

Logan Heights is a neighborhood in central San Diego. In 1871, Congressman John A. Logan wrote legislation to provide federal land grants and subsidies for a transcontinental railroad ending in San Diego. A street laid in 1881 was named Logan Heights after him, and the name came to be applied to the general area. Plans for a railroad never successfully materialized, and the area was predominantly residential by the turn of the century, becoming one of San Diego’s oldest communities. Its transformation began in 1910 with the influx of refugees of the Mexican Revolution, who soon became the majority ethnic group. For this reason, residents and non-residents alike now call the southern part of the neighborhood Barrio Logan, though officially it remains part of Logan Heights.

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Barrio Logan is known to historians, art connoisseurs, and Chicanos as the home of Chicano Park, the site of a land takeover and cultural renaissance.

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