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Steve and Victoria Gore Welcome You to El Cajon

El Cajón is Spanish for “The Drawer”, relating to it being a parcel of land granted out of the vast Mission San Diego de Alcala tract and used for farming by Spanish missionaries.

As the City of El Cajon nears the end of the twentieth century its growth is considerably more measured and orderly than that of the frantic fifties. Guided by a prudent and fiscally responsible civic leadership. It has weathered its rapid growth period with a balanced economy and a governmental structure which offers full municipal services. In 1976, during our nation’s bicentennial, a new civic center was opened to serve the citizens of El Cajon, lending added luster to the historic corners of Main and Magnolia. Our most recent additions to this area are the new Headquarters Fire Station and the Neighborhood Center on Lexington and Douglas Avenues, respectively. One might pause to speculate on the thoughts of a sturdy New England emigrant when, a century earlier, he erected El Cajon’s first commercial structure diagonally across the street.

El Cajon, CA Real Estate    El Cajon, CA Real Estate

The City of El Cajon has started the Main Street and Magnolia Avenue Corridor Improvement Project. The project will include new landscaping, street lights, additional crosswalks, and new sidewalks.

Check out to the Downtown Business Directory to learn more about the business diversity Downtown El Cajon has to offer, and then take a walk down Main Street to check out local shops and restaurants.

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